Other Services

Simply Serve offers many other services

Courier Services

Our customers benefit from our dedicated in-house courier service transporting a whole range of items from post to medical equipment.

Our service can be tailored to customer requirements including enhanced services at pick up and drop off such as stock replenishment services.

Our network currently operates within Somerset and North Dorset but can easily be expanded to meet customer need.

Strategic Security Advice

Simply Serve has significant experience in dealing with strategic and operational security issues involving patients, visitors and the general public.

We can provide customers with one off or ongoing advice born from considerable experience in highly sensitive areas.

IT Services and E-Learning Packages

We have an established IT team providing a comprehensive service to key customers. We are able to consider client requirements for services.

We have a suite of mandatory training e-learning packages which can be provided to our clients to provide an efficient and effective way for their workforce to be up to date with necessary information and training. Packages can be formulated and tailored to customers requirements.